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Sensory Analysis of Wine Header Photo Sensory Analysis of Wine Header Photo

Sensory Analysis of Wine

Sensory Analysis of WineBWGA offers the following sensory and benchtop trial testing:

Troubleshooting (750mL sample size - $175)
Identification of wine flaws or undesirable characteristics. 
Questions you may be asking:
-What happened to this wine?
-How do I prevent this from happening again?
-Can this problem be fixed?

Sensory Evaluation (750mL sample size - $175)
Descriptive analysis for a complete wine aroma and flavor profile.
Your report will include a description of the distinct characteristics of the wine that can be used for tasting notes, spec sheets, sales teams, restaurants or tasting rooms. 

Wine Stylizing (750mL sample size - $175 first hour, $95 each additional hour)
Suggestions for final adjustments and enhancements before bottling.
-Balance sugar, acid, tannins and alcohol.
-Lengthen finish, build structure, add complexity.
-Keep true to varietal and style while enhancing positives.

Acid Trials (750mL sample size - $135)
Need to bump up the acid profile of your wine or decrease that acidic bite?
Let us know the target TA or pH (or range), as well as the specific product you will use to do the cellar acid adjustment.  We can save tasting samples for you, just ask us!

Sulfide Detection Test (750mL sample size - $65)
Different options exist for treating sulfide compounds depending on the type of volatile compounds involved.  We can do a sulfide detection trial with copper sulfate and ascorbic acid.
Your report will include whether or not copper and/or acsorbic acid made a positive sensory impact on the wine, and at what addition levels.