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Beer & Cider

Sample size: 300 mL

Alc %v/v: $27

Alc %w/w: $27

ABV/ABW: $40

Bitterness units (IBU’s): $40

Specific Gravity: $27

pH: $13

CO2: $42

Cider Pack: ABV, ABW, Malic, Lactic, Manual TA, Acetic Acid, pH, GF: $135

Our most popular beer analysis is, not surprisingly, the alcohol content. We utilize an Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME, which accurately measures the alcohol content using a combination of densitometry and NIR technology. In addition, we can also measure specific gravity and ciders with this same system.


Sample size: 100 mL

Alc % v/v: $27

Sucrose: $30

Glucose + Fructose: $25

The TTB is very strict regarding the accuracy of the alcohol content in distilled spirits. The Anton Paar Alcolyzer ME utilized at Baker Wine & Grape is accurate to 0.02% alcohol. Our range for this instrument is up to 70% alcohol and 20 g/L of extract. If you have a particularly sweet distilled beverage, please let us know so we can prepare the sample for analysis.