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Microbial Analysis of Wine & Juice Microbial Analysis of Wine & Juice

Microbial Analysis of Wine & Juice


Test Sample Size Price
General Microscan 50mL $25
Bottle Sterility 750mL $25
Cultures 50mL $25
DNA - Brett 50mL $60
Yeast Count & Viability 50mL $55


Download Labels Here! Label Template: Avery 5163
Stop by the lab for complimentary sample tubes!

1. Microscans ($25) - Samples are examined microscopically and observed for yeast, bacteria, mold or other small particles.

2. Bottle Sterility ($25) – What’s growing in your bottled wine? Hopefully nothing. 300 mL of a bottled wine can be cultured to detect yeast, bacteria or mold – thus ensuring that your bottling has been clean.

3. Cultures ($25)

a. WL - Wallerstein Nutrient Broth – for growing yeast, bacteria and mold

b. WLD – Wallerstein Differential Broth – for growing bacteria

c. Brett– Brettanomyces Differential Broth – for growing Brettanomyces

4. DNA Analysis ($60) – PCR analysis by Veriflow for the DNA of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis 

          Click here to watch a video!

5. Yeast Cell Counts and Viability ($55) – Flow cytometry for accurate counts of yeast as well as percent viablity

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