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Why Analyze Grapes and Wine?

For hundreds of years, winemakers relied on their sense of sight, taste, and smell to determine wine quality. With the increasing research on the chemical composition of wines, as well as the increasing availability of affordable chemical technology, chemical analyses has grown to be an important tool in winemaking. Today, the physical, chemical and sensory analyses of musts and wines are imperative for quality control in the grape juice and wine industries. Each aspect of wine production has to be chemically controlled to reduce spoilage, and to determine how to grade the finished products. These controls start from the grape, through fermentation, aging and bottling.

Control Your Quality

In addition, some constituents of wine are legally controlled, including ethanol, sulfur dioxide and volatile acidity, all of which require precise analytical results. Typically, most vintners rely on parameters such as pH, total acidity, volatile acidity and % alcohol to monitor the quality of their wines. Major research institutions, such as University of California at Davis, continue to actively research quality indicators for wines. As more and more of the components of wines are identified, the possibility of using analytical results to aid in predicting quality also grows.

Sell Internationally

Wines produced for export are required to have certain chemical parameters, depending on which country they are being exported to. These countries require an accurate analysis from certified laboratories. Baker Wine & Grape Analysis is a TTB certified laboratory for export chemical analysis.

Great Grapes For Great Wine

As more and more vineyards are planted on the Central Coast, grape quality leading to quality wines will become more imperative. Many growers rely on Brix and visual inspections to determine quality and ripeness. However, there are also several chemical parameters that indicate ripeness, including glucose/frucose ratios, pH, malic acid and total acidity.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Analysis

Baker Wine and Grape Analysis is approved by the California Olive Oil Council for Olive Oil analysis. The primary purpose of the COOC certification program is to provide producers and marketers with a standardized method of grading their 100% California Olive Oil as Extra Virgin. Visit our Services page for more information.

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